Alternate Bay Park Method

1: Locate the space you would like to use and label the white/bay line that would be on the passenger side on completion as Line 1.

2: Count forwards to the third line, (two complete bays) This will be your turn point.

3: Drive past the space you want but keep in a straight line at right angles to it. Stop, apply the handbrake and observe for people and other cars.

4: Reverse backwards towards your turn point (third line from step 2) and stop. For a lot of people this where the white line is in the crook of your elbow or a couple of cm either side of it.

5: Observe and when safe Turn Full Lock Left.

6: Keep moving backwards whilst keeping an eye all around looking for people and road vehicles but also checking wing mirrors to check the progress.

7: As you get closer to the space you will be able to see the white lines of the space you are aiming for on either side of the car in the wing mirrors. Wait until you are straight before turning right, don't overdo it, just back to the middle, about one and a bit turns.

8: Keeping the car in a straight line, keep reversing and observing to ensure the car is fully in the space on both sides, front and back before stopping.

9: Apply the handbrake and you are done!

Its easier to reverse into a space than to drive in forwards once you know how. I will teach you how to do both.

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