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To ensure high standards in both safety and quality, all driving instructors in the UK are regularly checked for their level of teaching ability.

We call this a check test. The grades range from 1 to 6 with with 6 being the highest.

Currently I am a Grade 6 driving instructor in Cambridge which means I am in the top 6% in the country.

The checks are done by the DVSA. These are the same organisation who regulate the driving tests. A check test usually involves the examiner assessing our instructional ability by watching a lesson we give to a real pupil or they can do a role play as a pupil.

They check every aspect of what is necessary to teach at a high standard ranging from fault identification, remedial action, lesson content and structure through to instructor characteristics. This is very important as an instructor has to be able to relate to a wide range of ages and personalities.

All driving instructors are CRB checked. This is because we work with people under the age of 18 on a regular basis.

I believe you get the best value for money by having a  one to one driving tuition lesson . It allows all the attention to be focused on one person and the lesson is then tailored for your needs. There is no need to worry what someone else thinks whilst you are learning to succeed at a task.

I also offer refresher courses and motorway lessons.

There are many reasons to want a top up on driving and parking skills ranging from a lack of confidence driving on your own to not having driven for many years.

Motorway training is very useful due to the fact as a learner you will not have had access to these types of road before.

Some people have not driven since passing their driving test and then head to uni and then have a gap of 3-4 years or longer. The most common refreshers I do are for people who havent driven for 8-10 years. The oldest pupil I have had who wanted a refresher lesson was a lady in her 80's!

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