Manoeuvres in the Driving Test

During your driving lessons you will practise several reversing manoeuvres and also an emergency stop.

In the driving test you will only be required to show the examiners one reversing manoeuvre, picked at random, and possibly carry out the emergency stop.

The manoeuvres must be completed with control, accuracy and observation to pass.

What do we mean by this?

  • Control - Travelling slowly with good clutch control and using firm effective steering whilst the car is moving
  • Accuracy - Ensure the manoeuvre is done in as few moves as possible within the outline of each manoeuvre.
  • Observation - Use effective all round observation to plan for other traffic arriving, stopping or going as necessary to keep traffic moving.

They do not have to be completed in one move, you are allowed to pull forwards to correct or start again as long as no serious fault has occurred beforehand. This will give you a minor mark, but don't worry, its better than taking a risk and getting a serious which wouldn't pass the driving test.

Whilst doing the manoeuvres remember the other traffic has priority but you must proceed with the manoeuvre if they stop to allow you to complete it. Traffic disruptions must be kept to a minimum without rushing the manoeuvre as this could lead to mistakes and having to start again. Keep a close eye out for bicycles, especially in Cambridge.

Keep calm, don't rush and remember what you and your instructor have practised in your lessons.

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